Terms & Definitions

Metric Fittings vs. Metric Threads:

The terminology used to describe the majority of foreign threaded fittings can be confusing to some.

Metric fitting is a term describing a number of foreign threads including BSP, JIS, Kobelco, Komatsu, and Metric, even though some of these have imperial dimensions.  Metric threads, however, refers to a specific type of foreign thread and is part of the Metric fitting category.

fittings, hose site, tube side, port side

Hose/Tube Side vs. Port Side:

When fittings are classified, they are usually done so tube or hose side first, meaning that the end connecting to a hose or tube is typically listed first.  The port side is usually listed second.

identifying fittings, thread form, thread pitch, flanks, thread crests

Thread Form vs. Thread Pitch:

When identifying fittings, another important factor to look at is thread form and thread pitch.  Thread form refers to the angle (in degrees) that exists between adjacent flanks of a thread.  Thread pitch however, refers to the distance measured between adjacent thread crests.

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