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Part Number 'KIT-BANJO-METRIC KIT-BANJO-METRIC Banjo Metric fitting kit
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Banjo Metric fitting kit

Shape: 90° Elbow

The Metric Banjo Kit is a convenient mix of banjo fittings to keep on hand for a variety of applications: you can either sell the entire kit, a few fittings at a time, or use them in your shop or retail environment as a Fitting Identification tool. Covers 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm in Metric, converting to JIC sizes 04, 06, 08 and 10, complete with copper washers. Comes in durable metal case and fully labeled for convenience.



3068-08-1 (M8 X 1.0) x4
3068-10-1 (M10 X 1.0) x4
3068-10-150 (M10 X 1.5) x4
3068-12-150 (M12 X 1.5) x4
3068-16-150 (M16 X 1.5) x4
3068-18-150 (M18 X 1.5) x4
3068-20-150 (M20 X 1.5) x2
3068-22-150 (M22 X 1.5) x2


3069-04-08 (1/4" JIC X 8mm) x4
3069-04-10 (1/4" JIC X 10mm) x8
3069-04-12 (1/4" JIC X 12mm) x4
3069-06-14 (3/8" JIC X 14mm) x4
3069-06-16 (3/8" JIC X 16mm) x4
3069-08-18 (1/2" JIC X 18mm) x4
3069-08-20 (1/2" JIC X 20mm) x2
3069-10-22 (5/8" JIC X 22mm) x2

Copper Washers

3500-08MM (8mm Metric) x8
3500-10MM (10mm Metric) x16
3500-12MM (12mm Metric) x8
3500-14MM (14mm Metric) x8
3500-16MM (16mm Metric) x8
3500-18MM (18mm Metric) x8
3500-20MM (20mm Metric) x4
3500-22MM (22mm Metric) x4

Steel Bonded Washers

9500-08MM (8mm Metric) x8
9500-10MM (10mm Metric) x16
9500-12MM (12mm Metric) x8
9500-14MM (14mm Metric) x8
9500-16MM (16mm Metric) x8
9500-18MM (18mm Metric) x8
9500-20MM (20mm Metric) x4
9500-22MM (22mm Metric) x4



Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel